Efficiently track your asset life cycle from Procurement to retirement using FOURA’AI Assets

FOURA’AI Assets is user-friendly asset tracking software to track & manage fixed and IT assets in your organization. Make tracking easy and avoid unexpected penalties from audits forever.

Business Benefits using FOURA’AI Assets

  • Streamline audit operations using assets audit functionality.
  • Increase team productivity by automation.
  • Forecast Spending & Budgets by generating valuable reports.
  • Real-Time Asset tracking gives you a clear visibility.
  • Ensure Accuracy while tracking your assets.

FOURA’AI Assets - Key Features



An attractive dashboard helps to keep count of assets in stock using pie charts & Graphs.

Report generation

Generate reports quickly using different filters like asset ID, serial number, employee ID, model category, etc. Download the generated reports in any format & share them instantly via mail.

Automatic software upgrade

Product features will be updated every year to offer the best products to customers. Newly added features will be automatically updated in your module.

Asset Audit

During audits, easily track different types of assets with their value, invoice number, invoice date, sales receipts, etc.

Asset tracker

Efficiently track asset details such as asset ID, asset value, asset owner, warranty number, warranty period using asset tracker.

Asset scrapped

Reuse electrical components from scrapped assets and track specific scrap information accurately.


Employee ID Mapping

Effortlessly track assets by mapping employee ID numbers with their assets used in the long run.


Alert notifications will be triggered automatically for Asset creations and asset retirement functionality.

Asset scanner

Scan your assets using a barcode scanner mapped with Asset Application.

API Integration

Seamlessly integrate FOURA’AI Assets with current software. Integrations are possible with any software as per your requirement.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application for IOS & Android.


Highly customizable as per your business requirements, functionalities, Branding & integrations.


Label your CRM application in Brand Name, brand color, and Brand logo.


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