Boost your team's sales efficiency using FOURA’AI CRM

FOURA’AI CRM is a cloud-based CRM, which helps to strengthen business relationships with your customers and gain customer loyalty. Efficiently manage leads, contacts, pipeline, and forecast sales revenue using CRM Analytics.

Business Benefits using FOURA’AI CRM.
  • Generate more leads for your business by running targeted campaigns.
  • Improve customer relationship with the help of contact management.
  • Double up your team productivity by adopting automation.
  • Multiply Profitability & speed up decision-making using analytics.
  • Enhance Mobility for the field sales team by providing mobile application.

FOURA’AI CRM - Key Features


CRM Analytics Dashboard

Sales Analytics with a click. Analyze the performance of the sales team with the help of analytics based on new leads, the number of conversions, sales revenue, Low-profit sales & high-profit sales using bar graphs & pie charts.

Email Templates

Customize your mail using Inbuilt templates as per business needs & requirements.

Mass Email Campaigns

Send unlimited bulk emails directly from CRM & keep count easily. Integrate easily with third-party mail tracking software.

Bulk Import & Export

Instantly upload a database without involving manual entry and easily download the data from CRM.

Campaigns management

Easily track the number of leads generated during each campaign, budget, and generate accurate reports.

Sales Stage Automation

Smoothly convert the Lead status during each stage from an account, opportunity won & loss, etc.

Email to Lead

Customer emails will be automatically created as a Lead in CRM.

Web to Lead

Enquires made on the website through contact forms, chatbot, and pop up forms will automatically be created as a lead in CRM.


Lead Management

Create business criteria, standards to qualify leads and rank them as per the sales approach.

Lead Conversion

Track converted leads regularly and download the lead conversion in the form of a report.

Lead Auto-Assignment

Automatically assign leads to team members as per your defined command. Commands can be a specific region, Product, and Project.

Contact Management

Manage lead contact information such as name, phone number, Mail ID, Date of Birth, designation, social media profile tags in a single view.

Sales Process Mapping

Map team members with reporting managers by giving the managers an edge to see the performance of team members.

Sales Forecast

Forecast sales revenue using pie charts & bar graphs based on the number of sales orders, yearly target & achieved target.

Sales Automation

Automate sales routine for Group activities instantly.

Sales Order Creation

Generate quotations & sales orders using inbuilt templates and share them with customers via mail.


Integrate your accounting software

Instantly create an invoice by integrating FOURA'AI CRM with accounting software.

Social Media Integrations

FOURA’AI CRM can easily be integrated with Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

Inventory management

Effortlessly track product details such as the number of products in stock, model, price, specifications, etc.

Multi-Currency support

Convert currency value accurately using currency convertor for quotations & sales orders.

Territory based Access Controls

Assign leads and accounts to team members based on the region allocated to them.

Activity Calendar

Easily plan your day to day activities and track your performance.

Roles & Profiles

Define a clear set of roles & responsibilities for team members and allocate work accordingly.


Get timely notifications for your planned tasks, meeting, emails, and follow-ups.

Document Management

Store & manage sales proposals, Presentations, Brochures, Posters, and flyers in the cloud.

Customer Support

Keep track of inquiries, feedback, and get notified instantly.

Data Storage

Data is safely stored in the AWS cloud & administered regularly.

Bid Tracker

Efficiently track bids proposed, submitted, lost, and won.

Automatic software upgrade

Product features will be updated every year to offer the best products to customers. Newly added features will be automatically updated in your module.



Highly customizable as per your business process flow, functionalities, Branding, & integrations.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application for IOS & Android.

Web-Services Integration

Seamlessly integrate FOURA’AI CRM with current software. Integrations are possible with any software as per your requirement.


Label your CRM application in Brand Name, brand color, and Brand logo.

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