Increase efficiency of your helpdesk team, strengthen brand Image and Reputation using FOURA’AI Incidents

FOURA’AI Incidents is a ticketing software, which helps to effortlessly track the complete lifecycle of an issue from reporting to closure. Prioritize, track & resolve customer issues quickly to grow your business by providing the best customer support. It matches the ITIL standard.

Business Benefits using FOURA’AI Incidents

  • Deliver best customer service.
  • Boost team productivity by ticket automation.
  • Provide Quick Resolutions using priority-based SLA management.
  • Easily track your problem resolution timings.
  • Respond instantly using automation.

FOURA’AI Incidents- Key Features

Automatic ticket creation

Create tickets instantly by sending a mail that will automatically raise as a ticket.

SLA Management

Conveniently define your own SLA's and escalations as per business requirements.

Incident Prioritization

Prioritize your issues quickly as L1, L2, L3 based on the level of urgency and resolve accordingly.


The dashboard provides clear information regarding the number of tickets currently Open, Closed, In-progress, awaiting confirmation, or in hold using bar graphs.

Report generation

Generate reports quickly using filters such as Incident code, project name, customer, priority, assigned to, raised date, etc. Generated reports can be readily downloaded and shared quickly via email.

Alert Notifications

Get automatic notifications during ticket creation, update, and closure.

Customer Service History

Access master information of the tickets starting from raised date, customer name, consultant name to the closure of the ticket.

Comprehensive Knowledge Database

Resolved issues will be stored in the knowledge database where you can easily search for solutions for the current problem from resolved tickets.

Response Editor

A predefined response will be automatically sent as a reply to the mail.

Daily Planner

Executives can plan their activities for the day and mention tickets they are going to work on.

Consultant Tracker

Effortlessly track the performance of consultants working on tickets based on ticket resolution time.

Time Tracker

Track your tickets efficiently while the clock is running.

Calendar Mapping

Map your calendar with the client's calendar for a better workstyle.

Super Admin account

Centralized Repository to log and track issues based on the complete usage of the project.

Automatic software upgrade

Product features will be updated every year to offer the best products to customers. Newly added features will be automatically updated in your module.

API Integration

Seamlessly integrate FOURA’AI Incidents with current software. Integrations are possible with any software as per your requirement.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application for IOS & Android.


Highly customizable as per your business requirements, functionalities, Branding, & integrations.


Label your CRM application in Brand Name, brand color, and Brand logo.


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