Why process payroll manually when you can automate using FOURA’AI Payroll?

FOURA’AI Payroll is Global Payroll software with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It is statutory compliant and automates the entire gamut of payroll tasks from calculating the salary of the employee, calculating statutory deductions to arriving at salary payable to the employee. FOURA’AI Payroll can be easily configured according to any country’s taxations & compliance.

Business Benefits using FOURA’AI Payroll

  • Easy and quick payroll reconciliation.
  • Increase productivity through automations.
  • Efficiently manage your business across countries using multi-currency support.
  • Time-Saving report generation.
  • Accurate Calculations.
  • Statutory Compliance.

FOURA’AI Payroll- Key Features


Attractive dashboard to analyze employees by departments, gender, grade, and age group.

Bulk Upload capabilities

Upload employee master data from your Core HR within few seconds and process payroll immediately.

Report generation

Generate WPS files and download the salary payment details.

Role-based access control

Assigns roles to different team members & give access based on functionality.


Employee Master

A master Setup where employee’s information like personal details, past employment information, educational information, certifications & their documents can easily be stored & managed.

Compensation and Benefit

Quickly configure employee’s compensation details using element definitions for salary, allowances, statutory deductions, Loans, advances, provisions and automate Calculations in a single click. Customize procedures for complex calculations.

Salary Automation

Instant Salary creation and transfer directly to the employees’ bank account.

Generate Costing

Effortlessly generate accounting entries and transfer to GL with a single click once the payroll run is completed.

Payslip automation

Automatic generation of Payslip using predefined templates. Generated Payslip will be shared instantly via mail to all employees.


Rollback entire payroll run in a click, make necessary changes and reprocess payroll run.

Proration & Partial Period Calculation

Simple salary Calculations irrespective of the date of joining using inbuilt templates.

Backdated Increments and Assignment Revisions

Promotions, transfers, increments can be backdated easily with calculations and payments of the current month with differences.


Multi-company support

Run group companies’ payroll in a single account with ease.

Multi-currency support

Process payroll quickly for different countries using their currency value and thereby reduce work.

Multiple Payroll support

Manage payrolls smoothly for employees on different payrolls based on contract, a probation period, Temporary, and Permanent roles.

Automatic software upgrade

Product features will be updated every year to offer the best products to customers. Newly added features will be automatically updated in your module.

Mobile Application

Mobile application for IOS & Android.


Highly customizable as per your business requirements, functionalities, Branding, & integrations.

API Integration

Seamlessly integrate FOURA’AI Payroll with current software. Integrations are possible with any software as per your requirement.


Label your CRM application in Brand Name, brand color, and Brand logo.


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